Your total solutions provider for low-voltage communication wiring.

We provide the fiber and data solutions that keep your business connected and on top of the competition. National Technologies has a 24/7 dedicated support staff to keep your system running at the speed of light.


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Let the team at National Technologies Inc. service all your fiber optic needs.

NTI specializes in fiber optics with a division dedicated to this field, with more than 30 employees available 24/7. We are here to support your every need, any time, day or night.

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We understand that fiber optics are the backbone of many network systems and that speed, latency and bandwidth are important to any business. We offer premier service with the most qualified and trained employees in the industry.

We will use our experience and expertise to install fiber optic cabling, splicing and testing using the latest equipment for businesses, small and large. NTI can tailor any job to fit your business model.

NTI offers unparalleled service and uses only the finest, most updated equipment. We will work to make sure your network is first class and within your budget.


Having a quality voice and data plan is crucial to the success of any company.

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to revamp your current voice and data offerings, NTI is here and interested in providing the best solutions for your business with technicians who are certified on many different systems.

NTI begins by assigning a BICI RCDD employee to evaluate your current services and by analyzing your future needs. We then develop a plan based on the size of your company, your budget and the latest voice and data technologies available.

Some of the voice and data solutions we provide include:
  • Structured Cabling Solutions and Hardware Connection
  • Fiber Optic Systems
  • Paging and Internal Communications
  • Design, Engineering and Installation of Systems
  • Wireless Access Points

At NTI, we hope to design and build a voice and data plan that is right for you in the present and can grow with you in the future. Our commitment is evident by our 24-hour emergency service. We're here for you at all times!


At National Technologies, we pride ourselves on being a full service low voltage communication company.

Data Centers are an integral part of keeping your infrastructure running smoothly and continuously. Our expertise lies in designing, installing and servicing advanced communication systems with the least amount of interruption to your business.

We specialize in data center and cage buildouts which include the installation of cable ties (fiber and copper), server cabinets, relay racks, fiber tray, ladder rack and grounding of the system. We also provide equipment and DC power installations. Our experience ensures that your data center will be a synergistic environment.


When it comes to your business, we know that keeping employees safe is your No. 1 priority.

That is why we recommend the best fire alarm systems available to fit your location and budget. National Technologies will analyze your facility and design a plan that suits both your building and the codes of your local municipality

Once installation is complete, we will work with representatives from the municipality to test your system and address any concerns that are presented.

What makes us different from the others is that at National Technologies, we aren’t under contract with any one supplier of fire alarm equipment. You’ll get a system designed specifically for you, not a system we have to install to make sales quotas. We’ll do what’s right! The safety of your employees and/or products depend on it.


At NTI, we know that sound systems can be just as important as every other facet of your business.

This is why we offer premium audio systems for your business. We also offer sound masking systems if privacy is what you desire.

If you are looking for overhead paging systems or a sound system to pump music through the building, our technicians can find a package that will suit your needs. We pride ourselves on quality and affordability because of our connections with the best manufacturers of audio equipment.

Be assured your sound system will be installed accurately by our expert sound technicians. Key members of your team will be provided training on all NTI systems so they can be used most effectively. That's our commitment. That's National Technologies Inc.


Security warnings and breaches around the world have caused safety to be at the top of the list for companies everywhere.

If you have sensitive information that cannot be divulged to the rest of the world, you're working on a new product or service that you don't want to share with the competition or you are looking to provide a safer workplace for your employees, NTI has a solution.

We can secure access to your building or any area of your facility with a variety of security solutions, including:
  • Security Alarm Systems
  • Door Monitoring and Control
  • Closed Circuit TV/Video Monitoring
  • Card Access Security Systems
  • Digital Recording and Video Storage Systems
  • Fiber Optic Video Transmissions
  • Badging Software and Printers
  • Servers and Distribution

Our relationship with a variety of vendors ensures that you will not only be getting the best equipment, but also at the best value. At NTI, we strive to keep your business secure while keeping your budget on track.


The accountability, security and reliability of a building's telecommunications and data infrastructure is not a subject you want to take lightly.

Riser management is an essential part of your building's IT and overall communication strategies.

At NTI, we provide the highest quality riser management services, which constitutes a detailed plan so you can focus on running your business. Our riser management program includes:
  • One-on-one communication with telecom service providers
  • Survey of existing cable plants and antennae sites
  • Plan development and implementation of riser management installations
  • Development of a circuit information database (for use in asset management and disaster recovery)

NTI is also committed to getting the most out of your telecommunication providers with a thorough review of your current services. We are capable of reworking out-of-date systems, working with existing network connections and adding additional cabling you may need to get your telecommunications systems in the best working order.


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